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Tricks 4 Food by Tom Vorjohan

The idea of having a poster with words that change and morph with each fold was first done by Sid Loraine. Tom Vorjohan wanted to do this for a very long time.

Tom said that this effect went through six prototypes before he was happy enough to produce this 7th revision. It’s audience-tested, and it works!

It all begins with the performer explaining that he has been thinking of a slogan which fully captures his show. Opening a large 24″ x 38″ poster, it reads, “Fun And Magic, Some Wacky Stuff, Presented To Amaze And Amuse, From Two to 102!” Not too bad but it’s way too much for an audience to read.

A quick fold and the poster now reads, “Fun And Magic, Some Wacky Stuff In A Fabulous Show For All Ages!” Hmmm. Still too much and pretty large, and not a terrific advertising slogan.

The performer gives the poster another quick fold and now it reveals, “Wild Magic, Tricky Stuff, Fabulous For All Ages!” A pretty good slogan, but it could be better. The performer is out of ideas.

The performer gives the poster one more quick fold and it changes to, “Will Do Tricks For Food!” This will always get you laughs as it did the author with audiences of all ages.

TRICKS 4 FOOD by Tom Vorjohan is printed on a thick synthetic paper which will never tear and is thick enough that the performer can stand in front of lights without the letters on the back showing through to the front. If something spills on it, simply wipe it off! The ink used is a special blend that won’t smear or fade. These things are extremely important to the professional performer.

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