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(Used) Life Is A Puzzle by Duane Laflin

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Duane Laflin created this trick many years ago.  Since then, he has used it extensively.  It is simple, yet strong magically and, when done with a gospel message, it is a wonderful teaching aid.

Instructions and Routine:

Announce that it is time to play a "Christian Game Show" called "LIFE IS A PUZZLE".   By way of this game show, maybe an answer to the true meaning of life will be found!

Two volunteers each take a turn pulling a small card with a number on it from a special Force Bag.  The large number panels which correspond to the two chosen small number cards are put on  the wooden display frame.

The magician then shows that the small number cards which were not chosen, correspond to pictures of stars, flowers and a horse - things that have nothing to do with the meaning of life.  You might compare stars to those who look to astrology, flowers to those who look to nature, and the horse to those who think life is a competition and all about winning the race.

Next, the display is turned around for the audience to see what the volunteers chose.   It is a picture that represents Jesus Christ.  In Christ, we find meaning in life.  We find eternal hope.  We find answers to the questions that matter the most!



Full written instructions with presentation

Wooden display frame  (approximately 15-1/2” x 15-1/2” x 1-1/4”)

Five large (9” x 12”), heavy duty panels with numbers on one side and bold vivid pictures on the other side

Missing >>>Plastic Force Bag with small number cards

WAS $149.00 Now $65.00